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Learn Chinese












Worldplus Chinese School offers students effect ways learning Chinese such as interactive games, hands on activities, host a Chinese student etc..

Tiny PanPan Preschool


No-school Day Camp

Middle School and High School






Learn English












Our goal is to improve non-native speakers’ command in English in the shortest time possible. We address the two critical areas of speaking and hearing through natural speech training with native speakers and real-world practice through cultural immersion.

Catlin Gabel Summer Camp

ESL Summer Camps


cultural exchange.jpg

Cultural Exchange












Bringing people from different cultures and languages together.

 Understanding a broader range of perspectives, and creating the knowledge and skills needed for participation in our multicultural world. 


Host an International Student

Go Broad - Cultural Tours 



Worldplus Missions:

  • To promote peace and harmony worldwide by offering language and cultural education, providing opportunities for cross cultural connections.


  • To inspire youth to discover their natural talents and develop them to the fullest. 

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