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Chinese Program Director: Fang Liu

Fang grew up in a village in Sichuan province in China. She graduated from Sichuan University with a degree in database management. Fang moved to US with her husband in 2005. Fang has been busy raising two children and pursuing early childhood education since 2007. Fang loves nature, science, philosophy and socializing with friends. Fang’s goal in life is to understand the laws of nature. She founded Worldplus Education and Cultural Exchange in 2015. Its is to inspire each one to discover their potential and pursue their dreams. Fang has taught Chinese at Hope Chinese School and NW Chinese Academy. She is a devoted Chinese teacher who believes in bringing more understanding across culture, and ultimately, more peace and harmony to our world.

English Program Director: John Sheehan 


Bachelor of Arts in English, UCLA. Experienced in English-language education for over twenty years. Authored two books designed for ESL learners in Japan, lectured at three private universities in Tokyo and worked with the Ministry of Education to enhance English language learning in the public school system there. Worked as a voice and TV actor for NHK Educational radio and television from 1990 to 1996. Founded International Tour Programs in 2000 in Orange County, California. Enjoys racquetball, house remodeling and spending time with his wife and two children.


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