Morning Preschool (9 am - 12 pm, Tuesday and Thursday )
3 to 5 years old and potty-trained

Montessori-inspired, Laozi-influenced all-natural learning and exploring!

Worldplus Chinese School offers a 10-month long preschool that starts in September and finishes in June. Our goal is to develop each child's creativity, curiosity and natural love of learning and also to help them prepare for kindergarten.

Program Features:

Daily Routine:

  • Arrival

  • Circle time/Chinese learning

  • Educational outdoor activities

  • Montessori individual learning and work

  • Snack (please bring your own)

  • Outdoor motor skills development

  • Pick up time at 12:00 pm



  • Fun, hands-on experiments

  • Cool facts

  • Explore nature 

  • Learn to use scientific instruments

Montessori Math

  • Numbers

  • Fractions

  • Geometry 

  • Measurement

  • Patterns

  • Analyzing data


  • Immersion environment

  • Nursery rhymes

  • Basic characters

  • Common phrases

  • Culture and customs

Practical Life Lessons 
  • Pouring, cutting, wiping, etc.
  • Sorting, organizing
  • Care of garden and animals
  • Personal care
  • Cooking


Arts and Crafts

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Making collages

  • Weaving 

  • Clay sculpture

  • Printing, stamping 

  • Stringing beads


  • Music

  • Dance

  • Drama

  • Sports

  • Inspirational guest teachers 

Registration and Tuition

  1. Non-refundable registration and materials fee of $50 per child.

  2. Tuition: $160 per month. Payment is fixed monthly with 25% off December, March and 50% off June for vacation terms.

  3. Drop off welcome, $25 each time. 


Discounts: Two or more children from one family will earn a 5% discount applied to the total monthly payment.


No refund for personal sick days, holidays or personal vacation days. Missed days are forfeit.

Lead Teacher

Fang Liu Sheehan

  • Ten years of teaching experience

  • Holds CPR and food handler certificates

Location: 330 NW 107th Ave., Portland OR 97229

Home-based, all natural environment

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