2020 Summer camps K-5 (8 am - 6 pm )
Fun and inspiring Chinese immersion camp plus academic strengthening

Week 1  Science - States of Matter    6/15 -6/19 

We will present states of matter through fun experiments and interesting projects. We will make ice cake, slime, lava lamps and tracking water evaporation. On the last day we will take a day trip to OMSI.  


Week 2    Make Faire     6/22 - 6/26

Collect resources and materials from nature. Students will use their imagination create anything they want. This camp will offer a lot of nature exploration, hands-on skills development and encouraging students to think and create in the areas of their interests.


Week 3    Make Faire     8/10 - 8/14

Week 4   Make Faire     8/17 - 8/21


Full day 8am to 6pm: $220 each week

Half-day 8am to 12:30pm: $125 each week

(Siblings each receive 5% discount off total)

Daily Routine:

9am - 10:30am          Chinese learning and math 

10:30 am                     morning snack 

11am - 12pm              Weekly theme activities

12:30pm                      lunch

1:30pm - 2:30pm        quiet/reading time   

3pm                             afternoon snack and outdoor play

4pm - 6pm                  weekly theme activities

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