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Why Teach in China?

China is an amazing country, has a fascinating, multi-ethnic culture, a long, rich history and varied landscapes, modern attractions and a vibrant society. The people are welcoming and friendly.  Best of all, China has a lot of work opportunities for visitors looking for a job, particularly in teaching. Teachers are well respected by students and well taken care of by their schools. If you choose to teach in China, you will find a rewarding career waiting for you!

"Common benefits of teaching English in China include a monthly salary of between 10,000 and 22,000 RMB, free airfare to and from your home country, free housing, bonuses and plenty of holidays"

One-to-one consulting FREE

Our goal is to help teachers find the school they want, and the school that wants them. Our organization is the bridge between school and teacher. We assist the teacher with his or her school choice and the contract, and once an agreement is made, assist, if necessary, with the work visa process. We make the best possible match between the institution and you.


Five steps to finding work in China

  1. Submit an application

  2. Have an interview 

  3. Recommend you to the school

  4. Sign the school's contract once all is agreeable

  5. Apply for a Chinese work visa

  6. Book a flight to China and make final arrangements

Are you qualified to teach in China? To teach in China, you'll need:

  • A minimum of a bachelor's degree

  • A clean criminal record

  • Preferably a TEFL/EFL/TESOL or similar certificate or diploma or two years of relevant experience

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