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Improve your English through real-world practice and cultural immersion


Worldplus American English and Culture Programs are designed with one goal in mind: to radically improve non-native speakers’ command in English in the shortest time possible. We address the two critical areas of speaking and hearing through natural speech training with native speakers and real-world practice through cultural immersion. Worldplus AEC camps were made to suit students who are unaccustomed to contact with English outside the classroom.  Courses in our camps present modern English, emphasizing common idioms, typical speech patterns and highly topical vocabulary. Students will interface with local people to practice their language skills and be exposed to the culture from which it springs, learning customs and cultural behavior in the process.


Live with your penpals

All students are required to join our Penpals Club first. Afterward, they live with their penpals (having first gotten to know them through the club), feeling more comfortable in their new environment than if they had come to stay with strangers.



Students must be age 12 and above, with at least advanced beginner English communication skills.



We need a completed and signed application form from each participant a minimum of three months before the program begins so that we can issue a formal invitation letter for visa requirements, if necessary.


We highly recommend that passports be obtained at once and appointments made for visa interviews preferably six months before travel.


Visas should be issued at least two months before the program starts. We are not responsible for delays in visa processing, and cannot return pre-payment registration money if the student is unable to travel due to visa or passport issues.

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