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Chinese Teacher/Director
Fang Sheehan

Fang graduated from Sichuan University with a degree in database management. Since 2007, she has been studying and pursuing early childhood education. She has more than 10 years of experience teaching Chinese. She taught Chinese in local Chinese immersion schools for several years before starting her own Chinese school. Fang is passionate about teaching Chinese and introducing Chinese culture to non-Chinese speakers, inspiring and nurturing young learners. She is the founder of Worldplus Education and Cultural Exchange, whose mission is to bring more understanding and peace across cultures. 

For more than a decade, Fang has been developing fun, engaging and interactive teaching methods. She emphasizes inspiration and encouragement to foster learning in students, and she is well-regarded by both students and parents alike. She understands the importance of connecting with her students and tailoring her approach to suit individual needs and learning styles for each student. 


Beyond teaching and work, Fang enjoys studying ancient Chinese philosophy and literature, space science, natural history, ecology, psychology, quantum physics and many other disciplines. She also enjoys getting together with friends and families, traveling around the world and connecting with her exchange students. Fang enjoys gardening and farming, and believes in sustainable living.  

Chinese Teacher
Jing Liu

Jing holds a Bachelor of Medicine from Xian Jiao Tong University and gained experience working in Peking University Shougang Hospital for two years. She furthered her education and obtained a Master's degree in Clinical Medicine with a focus on diabetes treatment using insulin pump therapy. Jing then worked for a year in Beijing Anzhen Hospital before relocating to the United States with her husband. Since then, she has dedicated herself to raising their son and taking care of the family. 


As a native Chinese speaker with a strong educational background, Jing is excited to bring her passion for the Chinese language and culture to the classroom. She has experience teaching Chinese to children in the United States and enjoys creating engaging and interactive lesson materials, such as games, songs, and cultural activities, to make learning Chinese fun and accessible for students of all levels. In addition to her language teaching expertise, Jing enjoys sharing her knowledge of Chinese history, literature, and art with her students.


Outside of teaching, Jing enjoys reading Chinese literature, playing tennis, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends. She is excited to bring her enthusiasm and expertise to the role of Chinese language teacher and to help her students achieve their language learning goals.


Chinese Teacher
Cuiwei Zhao

My name is Cuiwei. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Physics and Chemistry from Beijing University of Science and Technology. After coming to the United States in 1998, I obtained a master's
degree in Computer Science from OGI. I have been working in the IT field since 1999. In my spare time, I tutor and teach mathematics and Chinese to elementary and middle school students at a Sunday Chinese school. Although I am not a professional teacher, I have been interested in teaching since I was young. I used to be a teacher's assistant while I was in school. Despite my background in science and technology, I have a passion for literature and history. I have always enjoyed reading various extracurricular books and writing. I maintain a childlike curiosity and enjoy interacting with children. I hope to share my knowledge with students, bringing them benefits and joy, while also finding fulfillment and happiness myself.


Chinese Teacher
Hui Xu

Hui graduated from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications with a Master degree in Wireless Communication. Then she worked as an Engineer and Project Manager in Beijing for 8 years. After moving to the US in 2016, she dedicated most of her time to her family. Since 2022, she has become a licensed tax preparer in Oregon and is working on becoming a CPA now.


As a mother of two children, Hui enjoys teaching and sharing Chinese culture with her children at home, and volunteering in local communities to show Chinese culture. She gains rich and practical experience on how to learn a second language from her children's growing up, helping them get used to English and learn Chinese reading and writing, now both of her children are fluent Chinese and English speakers. Hui loves working with kids, satisfying their curious minds and is patient enough to help them grab a second language step by step.


Besides working and learning, Hui loves reading, hiking in the beautiful nature of Oregon, traveling and playing board games with her children.

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