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American English and Culture (AEC) Summer Camp


Meet your American pen pal, power up your English and learn about American culture
















  • Session 1 -- 3 weeks in July

  • Session 2 -- 3 weeks in August


What's so unique about Worldplus AEC summer camp?


  • The camp is operated at a local school facility

  • Safety and security are ensured

  • We are supported by local schools and communities

  • Students will be accompanied by their American friends during the whole camp

  • Students will not only  learn English, will also gain life-long enriching experiences

  • Camps bring youth together across cultures


Weekly Schedule















                             Mon       Tue           Wed          Thurs          Fri            Sat          Sun

8:30 - 9 am                                   arrival                    

9 - 12 am                                   English class                             

12 - 1:30 pm                           lunch and break                           

1:30 - 4:30 pm                             activities

After 4:30 pm                              pick up

spend time

with homestay families



If you have any questions, please contact us!

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